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I write things. My blog is filled with stories and poetry either revolving around unrequited feelings, a comedic take on certain situations, and cliches. Into that kind of stuff? Good place to be!

Just Fine

Author’s note: I haven’t posted any poetry in a while. Probably a reason for that, especially with how… I never know how to describe how bad I am at this.

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"The mind supposes that you are the closest distance
For as far as you have wandered, each step is the message
Which gives circuit to the electrical needs
and housing of the feeling blockade
To feign so vividly with the bold print
there is the soft core— of golden reverie."

The Pretender


isn’t about the words spoken. It’s not even about what you can see. And, it’s not about what you do or don’t say. It’s not about making sacrifices after another, and then being unhappy because of it.

It’s neither simple, or too complex. Though, it’s hardly definable with one word, or even more.

But it is undeniably, most definitely there if you allow it to be.

If there has been anything I’ve learned:

People take this word, this feeling…this emotion, for granted in so many ways.They misuse their position, their closeness to you, only to instill confusion, fear, and betrayal.

Everything stems from love. It hurts, because you love.

My heart was born open, because I was perfectly willing to share those bits and pieces. I wanted happiness through warmth. Truthfully, I was never going to be content if things went downhill. Years have passed, and we drifted. Drifted so far apart, I lost sight of everyone.

Definition of Sweet | Gaius

Game: Fire Emblem: Awakening
Character(s): Gaius
Format: Second-Person/Reader-Insert
Rating: M. NSFW for sexual situations.
Summary: There’s sweetness in actual food, and then there’s the kind of sweet we use to describe kindness and consideration. So then, where does that place Gaius?

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the characters in the fanfiction I write (unless stated otherwise), nor did I have anything to do with FE: Awakening. I only thought up this particular idea along with how to word this fanfic. My purposes in writing is to have fun and express myself! This is completely non-profit. :)

Author’s Notes: Okay, so it’s like 3 AM, and I’m just barely getting this out now, so I feel kind of embarrassed to say it took me this long to write since I started close to midnight. I haven’t even played this game, but this idea came to me since I did tell someone I was going to write one for them one of these days. I know close to nothing about his character so I JUST WENT WITH THIS AND I’M NOT SURE IF I’M GOING TO REGRET IT. UHH. okay click the read more if you’re interested.

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Letter #1

I think I like you. I think I used to tell myself it was wrong of me. I think I used to tell you I was content with my feelings, because I thought I knew I was comfortable with them. But now that I’ve assessed my thoughts yet again, I seem to come up with a new excuse each day. No matter what diagnosis I fiddle with, I cannot seem to forget you completely. Whichever and whatever I decide to do, I realize that I am the reckless one.

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I haven’t touched this blog in a while, and I’m actually kind of surprised I still have the same amount of followers I left it with. (Plus, someone I’m in a mutual follow with on my other blog. o.o) You guys still on here? For those who are, awesome. I’m still alive. Keeping up with my other blogs, but I’m here. 

I was planning on FINALLY updating a second chapter for Enthralled - not that I’ve expected anyone’s really read it. That, and my Yosuke one-shot, which I was thinking of adding two other chapters to.

Since I just purchased Dual Destinies I was planning on so many Ace Attorney fics, but I’m so caught up with P4 that it’s going to happen gradually. BUT YEAH. I’ll try to add some new stuff on here when I get the chance. ADAJGASKHSK this is meant to be more of a multi-fandom blog for writing, so I’ll try to go with more of a variety. (I write original stuff too heh)


Author’s note: Just a little venting I did. I got some fresh air, and finally wrote something outside. It felt nice.

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Author’s note: I forgot when I wrote this one. Just the boring side of me showing again. As you can see, I do like poetry… I just don’t know how to write it.

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