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I write things. My blog is filled with stories and poetry either revolving around unrequited feelings, a comedic take on certain situations, and cliches. Into that kind of stuff? Good place to be! I'm also open to suggestions on what to write.

So, I just got done writing down some rough ideas for some upcoming fics, hoping to actually make some progress on Friday, maybe? I really need the outlet to be honest. Besides, it’s fun and I just kind of want the practice. Also, I want to paint my nails but I’m going to bed soon because of work SO, I’ll just hold off till after maybe?

I really appreciate the new followers! I’ll start trying to be more active and work on my wips and others from my list. But I’m currently going to be looking for a second job so hopefully it motivates me to be more productive.


Does anyone want particular smut or fluff or angst or something regarding any of their favorite characters? aha i said smut first

I haven’t done much for any of my lovely followers, and it’s kind of a big deal to have the amount I do with so little posts. I’m REALLY HONORED. But I dunno, I’m hoping to post some more soon! 


It seems as though it becomes habit to write about the things you don’t know

and hidden within those lines happen to spell everything your mind latches onto

even then, those arrangements are meant to speak with you, and they easily creep past every face

strangers, to be kept by unspeakable measures, can be the peril your interest tends to grasp for

and again, you did it again

another hand to brush by your inconsistencies, another to notice the furthest looks, and the ways of your indiscretion

might you just leave?

xxyellow-sama said:

 The fluff is strong in this one. :D I liked the way that the self-insert was able to communicate her adoration for Kuroko through the nice description you wrote. Thanks for sharing! :>

Ah, really? I’m excited to hear that you liked it! And yes, I was meaning to write fluff yesterday night, but it turned out shorter than I would’ve liked, but it’s something at least! Thank you so much for reading it and giving feedback! It’s so very appreciated!

Those Eyes! | Tetsuya Kuroko

Anime: Kuroko no Basket
Character(s): Tetsuya Kuroko, Taiga Kagami 
Format: Second-Person/Reader-Insert
Rating: G.
Summary: It was so easy getting lost in his eyes, but how about finding your way out of them?

DISCLAIMER:  I do not own any of the characters in the fanfiction I write (unless stated otherwise), nor did I have anything to do with Kuroko no Basuke. I only thought up this particular idea along with how to word this fanfic. My purposes in writing is to have fun and express myself! This is completely non-profit. :)

Author’s Notes: Hello, it’s 2 AM, and this is the first time I’ve posted a ficlet this short. But I started watching Kuroko no Basket with my friend, and she likes his eyes. So, naturally, I ended up thinking of them while I wrote this. And I don’t remember what made me do so. Click if you’re interested!

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